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How much does it cost to have kitchen cabinets professionally painted?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Many people think that once you have a kitchen installed, if you want to change it, you need to replace at least the doors. And indeed, you can do this, but what you then get is an inconsistent finish between the new kitchen cabinet doors and the side panels of your kitchen cabinets.

The alternative surely is to paint the kitchen cabinets. However, we have seen home painting results and the finish is often not what is expected and it has also been a lot of effort for the customer, unfortunately for little reward. The best method to achieve new-look kitchen cabinets is to have them professionally painted or sprayed, but how much does respraying your kitchen cost?

Professional spray painting kitchen cabinets can provide a new kitchen at a fraction of the price of replacing doors and cupboards. You can choose from hundreds of colours and even colour-match against existing furniture. You also have the option of spraying Agas and dressers to match your new kitchen. Costs to spray paint Kitchen Cabinets will vary and it's important to do your research first.

The important thing to remember is to use a professional spraying company to spray paint your kitchen cabinets. For example, we spray on as many coats as it needs to achieve the best finish, ensuring durability over time. If you get a cheap quote, you may often experience a thinner finish, with a lower guarantee or even no guarantee and cheaper paint.

The paint we use is mixed to provide the best finish, we don’t use normal paints as they are water-based and would not provide the durable finish required for kitchen cabinets. Our paint provides a soft sheen finish, so it is smooth, wipeable and waterproof. There are no paint marks, as the paint goes on smoothly and evenly. When you are painting onto kitchen cupboards, the paint can often be scratched off and whilst no paint is infallible to impact caused by instruments or people, our paint does achieve a stronger bond and it comes with a 10-year guarantee against flaking and cracking. You can read more about the paint that we use on our blog.

We would always recommend that you take a look at the company’s previous work and reviews from clients. You will see that all of our reviews are independently left via Google or Facebook, which means you can trust them. We can even provide clients for you to speak to about their experience of spraying their kitchen cabinets, if it helps.

So, how much does it cost on average to have your kitchen cabinets professionally painted?

According to Checkatrade* the average cost for a kitchen respray is around £1000 + VAT but they do also say that there are a number of factors that affect this cost and they are right. Here are some of them, plus some of our suggestions too:

● Size of the kitchen

● What the kitchen is made from, Oak, MDF etc.

● Number of doors

● Number of end panels

● Size of the cabinets

● The finish or grain of the cabinet doors

● Any damage that needs repairing/prepping

● The quality of the spray paint used

● The number of colours you choose

As we mentioned, if you want your cabinets professionally painted, then make sure the sprayers can provide a 10-year paint guarantee. You may get a cheap quote but you could be respraying again in a few years otherwise.

We would advise that you think about the budget cost for spraying your kitchen against the cost of replacing your kitchen. The cost of spray painting Kitchen Cabinets depends on the size of your kitchen and the colours you choose. We would advise an average budget for kitchen cabinets to be professionally sprayed of anything between £1000 and £3000, depending on the size of your kitchen. We provide a 10-year guarantee with our paint, so it won’t peel or crack and we have 5 star reviews you can read, all left independently. If you were replacing your kitchen the average cost of a new kitchen in the UK, according to Real Homes**, is £8000 but can go up to £30,000. Compared with replacing, spray painting your kitchen cabinets could cost up to 80% less. The cost of a kitchen respray could be a more economical option for you.

To get an accurate quote, we always ask people to upload photos of your existing units so we can provide a proper assessment and a true quote, with no added extras. So, why not upload your pictures today for a quote to see how much it would cost to transform your kitchen by spraying your cabinets.

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