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How to organise under sink - 10 ways to banish chaos in your under sink spaces

Organising under the sink in your kitchen can help maximise space and make it easier to find and access your items. Here are some steps to help you organise under the sink:

  1. Empty everything out: Start by removing all the items from under the sink. This will allow you to start with a clean slate and assess what items you have.

  2. Sort and declutter: Sort through the items you removed and declutter any expired products or items you no longer need. Donate or discard anything that is no longer useful to you.

  3. Categorise items: Separate your items into categories such as cleaning supplies, plumbing tools, etc. This will help you see what you have and make it easier to find specific items.

  4. Use storage containers: Invest in some storage containers or bins to keep items organised and contained. Clear plastic bins work well as they allow you to see what's inside. Use smaller bins within larger ones to further categorise and group similar items together.

  5. Utilise vertical space: Make use of the vertical space available by adding stackable shelves or under sink organisers. These can help double the storage capacity and keep items easily visible and accessible.

  6. Install hooks and racks: Consider installing hooks or racks to hang cleaning tools like brooms, mops, and gloves. This will help free up space and keep these items organised.

  7. Label items: Labeling containers and shelves can help you quickly identify where items belong and maintain an organised system in the long run.

  8. Regular maintenance: Once you have organised under the sink, make it a habit to regularly declutter and reorganise to avoid accumulating unnecessary items.

Following these steps should help you organize the space under your sink effectively. Happy organising!

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