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What’s better, painting kitchen cabinets or spraying kitchen cabinets?

Replacing your kitchen is not the only solution when you want a change of colour or to replenish smooth finishes. You could choose to paint your kitchen cupboards to achieve a new look at a much cheaper cost. So, what’s the best way of painting your kitchen cupboards, hand painting with cupboard paint or spray painting??

Painting kitchen cupboards and units

Using kitchen cupboard paint can be effective if you are touching up small areas, chips or scuffs but often for larger areas, cupboard paint can leave brush marks and require a lot of sanding preparation to get an even finish. It can be very labour intensive and can often take a long while to complete, as it may require numerous coats to achieve full coverage. This could possibly leave you without your kitchen for a number of days, so it’s something to plan in if you go down this route. You can choose from a range of cupboard paint colours available, but you may not be able to colour-match and your choice may be limited to certain shades.

So, what is kitchen spraying and how does it work?

The paint used by professional spray painters is much thicker than conventional off the shelf paint. It is mixed with a curing agent to make it more durable and to provide a soft sheen finish. It also comes with a 10-year guarantee. This option therefore, could give you a longer-lasting finish than painting your kitchen cupboards.

The way kitchens are spray painted means that there are no brush strokes, just one seamless movement across the area, producing a much cleaner and smoother finish. It may still need several coats to ensure the level of coverage that is needed, but due to the speed of application and drying time, this can often be completed in the same day, leaving you to use your kitchen in the following days. It also provides you with greater flexibility, as it is easier to get into every corner or every slot in the kitchen with a spray gun. Not just the kitchen cupboards are sprayed, the end panels, the plinths, the dresser and even the aga could be sprayed to match.

The choice of colours with kitchen spraying far exceeds the options available in off the shelf cupboard paint. If you see a colour you want, professional kitchen spray painters will be able to match to the colour sample you provide. Colour-matching is used on all colours except RAL and allows for a 5-15% tolerance. This could be existing cupboards or furniture even in the case of kitchen extensions. You can also choose from hundreds of colours. Everything on the British Standard colour chart, RAL paint colours, colour palettes from paint companies like Little Greene or Farrow and Ball could be colour-matched to with the special spraying paint.

Preparation is key - using professional kitchen sprayers

If you use professional kitchen sprayers. then they will mask up the surrounding areas to protect surfaces as, unlike cupboard painting with a brush, there will be overspray to ensure that all edges are completely coated. The good thing is that this can all be done for you, so again unlike painting kitchen cupboards where you would have to sand and prep yourself, perhaps even between coats, the professional kitchen sprayers would clean and prepare the surfaces for you to ensure that the bond from the paint was successful and effective.

Both methods provide a new-look kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a brand new kitchen replacement. It is a decision for you to consider around how much work you are prepared to put in and the length of time you can afford to not be using your kitchen.

If you would like to have your kitchen spraying completed in the next 8 weeks and only have your kitchen out of action for normally two days, then why not upload a picture on our website to get a quote. You can also read our fantastic reviews below and take a look at our galleries for inspiration.

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