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Thinking of replacing your kitchen cupboards? Here's 5 reasons to spray them instead

Spraying kitchen cupboards instead of replacing them can bring many benefits, including saving an extensive amount of money. We’ve highlighted below our top 5 reasons for spraying your kitchen cupboards.

  1. Money - Quite simply spraying your kitchen cupboards can be up to 80% cheaper than replacing them. In a recent blog, we looked at the average cost of a new installed kitchen which amounted to an average of £8000 but could go up to £30,000. Spraying your kitchen cupboards can cost between £1000 and £3000 depending on the size of your kitchen, saving you at minimum £5000.

  2. Disruption - When you replace a kitchen, you may be without your kitchen for up to two weeks whilst the kitchen is knocked out and then replaced. This causes a huge amount of disruption and hassle trying to prepare meals in other rooms or going to the expense of eating out. Spraying your kitchen cupboards is normally completed in a maximum of two days, sometimes just one, depending on preparation and the number of coats needed. Resulting in much less hassle and disruption for you as a family. Cupboards are normally ready to use the next day.

  3. Greater choice of colour- With new kitchens you are often limited to how many colours you can pick from. Kitchen cupboard ranges may have 6-7 colours that they are available in. If you spray your kitchen cupboards, you can choose from hundreds of colours from any colour ranges, giving you much more flexibility and allowing you to choose the colour that suits your home and your personality.

  4. Matching existing furniture even agas - With our colour-matching service you can even match the colour to existing furniture, saving you having to replace even more cupboards at further cost. You could match a new extension to existing furniture or respray existing furniture with the same colour as you spray your kitchen, to get a complete cohesive look. All saving you money on replacing, and allowing you to perhaps bring a sentimental piece in line with your colour scheme, giving it a new lease of life.

  5. Environmental - Replacing a full kitchen creates a lot more waste that has to be disposed of. Obviously keeping your existing kitchen, but respraying cupboards, plinths; units and end panels means you are reusing existing material and adding less to waste, which is obviously better for the environment.

Overall, spraying kitchen cupboards can be a more effective, cheaper, flexible route than replacing which also causes less disruption and waste. What is there not to like? If you are considering replacing your kitchen cupboards in the next few months, it is definitely worth getting a no obligation quote from us before you make your decision. Take a look at our galleries and reviews and then upload your photos to our web form. We will then review the photos and produce a quote for you based on your particular situation. You can then book your spraying within 6-8 weeks. So don’t delay and get in touch today.

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