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What paint do you use when spraying kitchens?

We often get asked why do you say you colour-match to paint, why don’t you just use the normal paint off the shelf and put it through the sprayer? The answer is very straightforward, suitability, durability and coverage.

We use a paint that is specific for professional spraying. It is mixed with a curing agent and is more like a coating. It adheres to the surfaces better than normal paint giving you a much more durable finish. Normal paint is water-based and is too thin to cover cupboards effectively. The finish would take numerous coats and could be very streaky.

Our paint provides a soft sheen finish so it is smooth, wipeable and waterproof. There are no paint marks, as the paint goes on smoothly and evenly. We may do two or even three coats to achieve the desired finish we are happy with, but it is a solid coverage, normal paint would be streaky and much thinner.

When you are painting onto kitchen cupboards, the paint can often be scratched off and whilst no paint is infallible to impact caused by instruments or people, our paint does achieve a stronger bond and it comes with a 10-year guarantee against flaking and cracking.

With any paint finish, the durability is affected by how you care for your kitchen. We advise that you don’t clean or wipe the cupboards for the first 10-14 days. This is to ensure the paint hardens and fully cures. Air is key, so we ask that you leave all cupboard doors open overnight to settle. You can fill the cupboards back up the next day. As with any finish, we advise against exposing the cupboards to extreme heat or moisture, for example, a kettle with steam next to the freshly painted unit or a naked flame. We would also advise caution for the first 14 days around pets and children, just whilst the paint bonds fully.

Using our specialist kitchen spraying paint we can match to hundreds of colours or use any RAL colour. You can have a look at our most popular colours page for inspiration or try out combinations with our kitchen visualiser. This tool helps you to see what the colours would look like on both top and bottom cupboards, with common work surfaces and in combination. Please do be aware that these our only web illustrations and therefore representations of the colours they are showing. We always advise you to get a sample pot and try it in your environment, as materials and lighting can provide a different result. Colour-matching is used on all colours except RAL and allows for a 5-15% tolerance.

If you would like a quote, just get in touch. On our website under contact us, you can upload pictures of your kitchen and details of any damage or areas of concern. We can then respond to you with a quote and some more details about the paint options. We also always provide an aftercare document, so you are getting the most out of your newly sprayed kitchen.

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